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Hedge Trimming

Hedge trimming and planting services provided by The Northwest’s experienced gardeners. We offer all types of hedge services wether its replacing an existing hedge, planting a new hedge or trimming/pruning an existing hedge. No matter the location or height of the hedge, we are fully equipped to take on the job of doing a great job of it!

How To Book Your Hedge Trimming

Booking hedge planting and hedge trimming services has never been easier. Simply call 07756612499 or use our contact form below to get a speedy quote . It helps to email photos to info@barrowlandscaping.co.uk to get a quote sent back to you almost instantly.

We Are The Specialists

We have lots experience in hedge services in The Northwest, all of our gardeners are fully equipped and experienced in carrying out all types of hedging services for you . Rest assured the job will be carried out to the best of standards.

Key Benefits of Hedge Cutting

Regular Hedge trimming helps keep the hedge dense which means that the nosy neighbours can no longer look through the gaps in order to see what you are up to. This is because preventing the foliage from growing past a certain length makes the hedge look much thicker and healthy. You can book hedge trimming services combined with our Garden Maintenance Services.

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